Shared Research Resources

Access Shared Equipment Information

Equipment List and Reservation system (PennKey Required)

Guide for Accessing Shared Equipment Using Clustermarket


  • How do I access the equipment?

Go to the Clustermarket website (or use link above); Restricted to PennKey users.

  • How do I create an account in Clustermarket?

Follow the directions in the guide (link above) and use your PennKey.

  • How do I use Clustermarket?

Follow the helpful videos in the guide (link above)

  • Who can access Shared Equipment?

Shared equipment is available to Bioengineering research groups and their collaborators.

  • How do I get trained?

Reach out to the lab manager of the equipment's host lab, or contact Yolanda Washington.

  • What do I do when equipment is broken or needs servicing?

Look on the equipment, and in collaboration with the host lab manager, do the following:

  • For equipment with a Specialty Underwriters tag, call them at 1-800-833-7050 and provide the Specialty tag number (located on the device and in the device description on Clustermarket). All you need to do is provide the tag number and give a description of the problem.

    • Specialty will arrange servicing through either the manufacturer or through a 3rd party.

    • Specialty will email you with a confirmation.

    • The manufacturer or 3rd party providing servicing will contact you to arrange a visit.

    • If this servicing company provides you with a quote, forward it to Specialty by replying to the email Specialty sent you.

  • For the autoclaves and dishwasher, contact Engineering Operations (EOS).

  • For equipment not covered by Specialty or EOS, contact Yolanda Washington.

  • If you are unsure of what to do, contact Yolanda Washington.

Important: You will not be blamed if something breaks - please let the department know.

  • What are my responsibilities as a host lab for shared equipment?

As a host lab with shared equipment in your lab, you should be able to provide training to new users, call to arrange servicing (in collaboration with the department contact), and support access to service providers. This should not be more than 2-3 hours per month.

  • Whom can I contact if I have questions?

Yolanda Washington (ywash at

Lab Point people